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The Grey Hill Exclusive

King of Scotland is an award-winning, dark comedy and a free adaptation of Gogol's A Diary of a Madman. Long-term unemployed Jamesie McMillan joins a government-funded retraining scheme 'Up The Ladder'. Cited as a shining example of the government's employment policies and chosen for a media profile, Tommy is taken on by the Department of Upward Mobility. The department gets more than they bargained for, however, when they discover just how far up the ladder Tommy is expecting to go. Featuring trouserless bankers, talking dogs, flying taxis and a razor-sharp parody of the workings of politics, King of Scotland is an outrageous Fringe First-winning monologue.

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The Grey Hill Exclusive

Rab's fortunes have declined along with the fishing industry in which he has worked all his life, but now he eyes a glimpse of hope.

Catherine Czerkawska's short play The Price of a Fish Supper was first performed at Òran Mór, Glasgow, as part of the A Play, a Pie and a Pint season in March 2005.

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The Grey Hill Exclusive

Set in 1965 in Anderston, Glasgow and examines the reaction of deserted husband, Billy Speirs and his family to the return of his estranged wife, Bernie, whose mother has been taken seriously ill.

It is a tale of bitterness and betrayal but also of the absolute enduring strength of love at a time when a community was being sliced up to make way for a stretch of inner-city motorway and the Glasgow Kingston Bridge. Just as the earmarking of Anderston as a Glasgow Comprehensive Development Area faced mixed reactions, the couple’s tentative and nervous steps back to one another face opposition and difficulty and as the opinion of much of the community at that time, it was clear that things were never going to be the same again.

The heart was getting ripped out of the place, just as it had been ripped out of Billy. Decisions have to be made, loyalties examined and painful truths faced. Better days were coming, however, in the promise of new corporation housing and it is against this backdrop of demolition and renewal that Building Bridges opens.

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The Grey Hill Original

An unkempt man sits in a dingy and extremely untidy bedsit room.   A half brick crashes through his window.  Not at all surprised, the man resignedly attempts to clear up the broken glass, succeeding only in cutting his hand in the process.  A knock at his door is unwelcome but persistent so he opens it to admit the bustling Mrs. G. who announces herself as the local cleaning lady.  She saw the brick-throwing incident and wants to know if the man is injured.  Over the course of the play Mrs. G. sets about clearing up the man’s flat and does her best to clear up his life, too.  Tidying the flat is one thing but bringing her idea of order to the man’s situation and thinking proves far more difficult, despite her best efforts.  In the end, for what she sees as the good of all concerned, she applies the final cleaning solution to the situation.  After all, if you don’t deal with it effectively, dirt spreads.

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The Grey Hill Original

Award-winning play Signature is a suspenseful thriller focusing on Fiona who is hiding in a rented room in Cornwall after running away from the events that took place six weeks ago.  Now that the government has found her and is in questioning will we find out what caused the mysterious death of her husband, son and sister-in-law? Why did she run?  Who is to blame? 

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The Grey Hill Original

An award-winning play, set in the present in the small office of a joiner's workshop in the Scottish Highlands. Dougie and Jessie's business is going under until one day they receive a mysteries phone call from the Government.  Scared that it is the inland revenue when Mr Cooper appears he questions the couple to sign the secrecy act to work in secrecy on building a nuclear submarine made completely out of MDF to save the government millions of pounds without the public knowing. 



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Director and Founder of The Grey Hill Barry Robertson brings his insights in this podcast.  If you love theatre, behind the scenes or interested in the creative industries this podcast is for you.