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Working Together

Associate Producer

DWP Kickstart Scheme

This role is Homeworking during the 6 month employment period

Job Summary

The Grey Hill is an award winning multimedia theatre company that is looking for an Associate Producer.  Working within the organisations two podcast’s; Insights and Stories from the grey hill.


We are looking for someone who is new to audio or has some experience in podcasts.  You are an overachiever, team player and has curiosity that drives you to learn quickly.


About the Role:


  • Assist with the production of podcasts and other audio programs

  • Assist with research for relevant potential guests

  • Manage Schedules, book interviews, help with communications including transcription

  • Manage our website and other social media platforms

  • Support the marketing and customer support for our Pro Subscription products

  • Collaborate with company leadership to support ad hoc special projects.

Essential skills, experience and qualifications

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, organised and detail-oriented,You love spreadsheets and checking off items in a to-do list.

  • Familiarity with productivity tools: Microsoft teams, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Project etc

  • Comfortable in working in a fast paced, deadline-driven environment

  • Passionate about Podcasts

  • Passionate about theatre and the industry

  • Ability to manage multiple projects

  • Team player with a test a learn approach



  • Candidates will have knowledge of podcast production and publishing

  • Understanding of social media tools for podcasts including audiograms

  • Experience of working within a small team

Hours per week

25 with a flexible working pattern.

One 8hr shift will be spent on skills and development including Level 2 qualification in Event Planning or Lean Organisation Management techniques.  The candidate will also be supported in Career development, Interview support and CV development.

Anticipated Start Date

February 2022

Closing Date

22nd January 2022


Please send a cover letter and Cv to the link below:

If you would like to inquire regarding the position please use the chat function on our website and our team will respond asap.

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