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Biggest Industry Innovation Winner 🎉

Last night, we were live on youtube for the Robert Gordon Innovation Showcase, and The Grey Hill won the Judges 'Biggest Industry Impact' award.

Announcing The Grey Hill as the Winner Dr Sarah Cormack - Patton. Visiting Scholar at Standford University and General Manager at the Cormack Family Foundation said 'This award is for the potential impact on a specific industry. This team demonstrated a huge amount of passion and industry knowledge; they fit within a proposal fit within a clear niche and have very well-trodden examples that they can follow from related industries that will provide guidance in their journey. There will be a lot of work going forward on this, but we believe in this vision and team and would like to congratulate Barry Robertson and The Grey Hill for winning the award!'

Barry Robertson, the Founding Director, said 'I am honoured in winning this award from the judges and Robert Gordon University. It has been a challenging time for the theatre industry, and whilst only beginning our business during the global pandemic and finding that we won this award is a privilege. As our business grows and develops, I am looking forward to announcing our upcoming work and future partnerships that we have in place in creating theatre content that is accessible for all to enjoy.'