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Happy New Year

From The Grey Hill Founder Barry Robertson

Happy New Year to all the members of our website. Within six months, we have gone from zero to sixty-seven members!

Last year our boutique start-up organisation created seven audiobooks from our Playwrights Catherine Czerkawska, Bob Davidson, Marie Dunlop, Mike Tibbetts, Iain Heggie and John Home. This line up represented a mixture of what theatre should be in a digital format, celebrating previous productions, introducing new playwrights and highlighting award-winning content that you might not have had the opportunity to listen to before.

Importantly for me, 2020 highlighted everything that I dislike about traditional theatre Industry. First, let me begin by saying as a founder of a theatre company. I love the art form I love its buildings and its creativity. But last year told me I cannot and will not continue to work in an industry that cannot adapt to new ways of creating content, from our website you will find that we are open and honest on the work we wish to create, opportunities that are available and will hold open days to allow creatives the opportunity to work with us, no matter if you are new, or already established in your career I want the Grey Hill to be a home for online theatre content for everyone. And with this begin said let me begin to show some of the exciting developments for this year!

Supporting new talent is key to our organisation, our partnership with the University of Highlands and Islands paused over the Christmas holiday, and with submissions for the Script Writing Competition finalised we are ready for phase two of the competition - turning scripts into digital content and then allowing staff, students and the general public to vote on their favourite content! With the winner becoming published via our organisation.