Happy New Year

From The Grey Hill Founder Barry Robertson

Happy New Year to all the members of our website. Within six months, we have gone from zero to sixty-seven members!

Last year our boutique start-up organisation created seven audiobooks from our Playwrights Catherine Czerkawska, Bob Davidson, Marie Dunlop, Mike Tibbetts, Iain Heggie and John Home. This line up represented a mixture of what theatre should be in a digital format, celebrating previous productions, introducing new playwrights and highlighting award-winning content that you might not have had the opportunity to listen to before.

Importantly for me, 2020 highlighted everything that I dislike about traditional theatre Industry. First, let me begin by saying as a founder of a theatre company. I love the art form I love its buildings and its creativity. But last year told me I cannot and will not continue to work in an industry that cannot adapt to new ways of creating content, from our website you will find that we are open and honest on the work we wish to create, opportunities that are available and will hold open days to allow creatives the opportunity to work with us, no matter if you are new, or already established in your career I want the Grey Hill to be a home for online theatre content for everyone. And with this begin said let me begin to show some of the exciting developments for this year!

Supporting new talent is key to our organisation, our partnership with the University of Highlands and Islands paused over the Christmas holiday, and with submissions for the Script Writing Competition finalised we are ready for phase two of the competition - turning scripts into digital content and then allowing staff, students and the general public to vote on their favourite content! With the winner becoming published via our organisation.

With theatres closed and technology changing, we must support new talent in understanding the creative industries changing at an accelerated speed. That is why the first thing I set up was a mixture of paid internships and work experience partnerships with our University partners to offer placements that support students to gain experience within their chosen field to prepare them for the industry after graduating. That is why this year we are working with Udrafter to offer paid internships to students with our first computing student internship closing on the 11/1/21. With more placements available throughout 2021.

With our first season of content being released and theatres closed it means no matter where in the world you are, wither you listen via desktop, a mobile or smart speaker you will have access to our content. All of our work, except for two plays, is now available worldwide for you to purchase, which means we can now focus on 2021 and I am excited to share our line up with you.

Our second season of plays that we are producing is; John Hodgart's 'Bessie Dunlop'. Neil Bebber's 'The Pursuit of Happiness'. Gordon MacLeod's 'Where did all the flowers come from?' Liam Alexandru's Award-Winning 'Late-Night Fish'. Ena Lamont Stewart's 'Men Should Weep'. Tom Williams British Academy Film Award-winning 'Kajaki'. Joanna Baillie's 'De Montford' and our Highlands and Islands winning playwright from our 2021 scriptwriting competition.

For actors and creatives, our casting page is now live with submissions beginning in February for Liam Aleaxdru's Award-winning Late-Night Fish.

Our casting policy is available to read online, and audition scripts for each production will be uploaded in advance. As part of our Casting Policy, we created an introductory meeting for actors and creatives who wish to meet with Barry Robertson. This year's first meeting is on the 23rd of January, with seven one to one meetings available.

With this year's productions confirmed we are now looking for submissions for our third season, we are looking for new and existing plays, comedy, stand up and musical theatre for our 2022 season. If you would like to take part in our third season. Please use our online chat function to arrange a meeting.

Lastly as a thank you to you our members. This year every month you will be entered into a monthly prize of winning one of our audiobooks via iTunes or Amazon/Audible. Each month you will have the opportunity to win an audiobook of your choice. This months January winner is Helen Broussard. An email has been sent to you Helen! Congratulations!

Thank you, members, for your support with our organisation. Please share your support by sharing our work, leaving comments and reviews. Here is to 2021, and the exciting work that we are creating here at The Grey Hill!

I wish you all the best.