Podcast Update

The Grey Hill today announces a new trial podcast called 'Theatre News' presented by Barry Robertson, the founder of the organisation. 'Theatre News' is a trial podcast that will last 14 days to test audience engagement in the genre through two mediums audio and film. Barry sat down with us to tell us more.

'I think it's difficult to understand the opportunities within traditional theatre and as a goal of making theatre accessible I wanted to create a podcast programme that would do that, something short, approx three mins long and broadcast once a day. This trial lasts 14 days and will allow us to test our theory with our social media audiences, and if successful, we will continue the programme after this period.

Barry Robertson's Insights podcast will continue, we have great content lined up with artists and writers, and I am looking forward to allowing audiences to hear this exclusive content through the brand. What I want to know is if there is an appetite for theatre news, so please do check it out and comment letting us know your feedback if this is something that you are interested in'.

The Theatre News podcast can be found within our website and is available to listen to wherever you listen to your podcasts. The podcast starts today on the 22nd of August and will finish on the 5th of September. Check out the first episode below via youtube.