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Scriptwriting Competition

In Partnership with the University of Highlands and Islands

A New Scriptwriting competition has been announced today. Open to the public and to the students at the University of Highlands and Islands. With finalists announced!

The winner will receive an opportunity to become a published playwright with the Grey Hill.

Barry Robertson, Founder said “New writing is at the heart of our partnership with the University of the Highland and Islands. Through this script writing competition, we have had an opportunity to really connect with people in diverse geographical locations and we have found real emerging talent. It has been a pleasure to be able to support the students to developing their skills in creative writing, acting and performance and audio engineering. And, I am delighted to reveal the five finalists are Jane Bury, Sarah Hauck, Emily Newbold, Gracie Shearer and Issy Thompson."

Click here - to listen, watch and vote for your favourite play in the script writing competition - Competition closes on the 17th May with the winner announced on the 24th of May.

Look out for our next blog post where we discuss 'Wolves' by Jane Bury performed by Jill Connor.

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