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By Bob Davidson

Performed by John Scougall , Lucy Goldie and Barry Robertson

In a special blog post we put together all of our content for Bob Davidsons Subcontract. Where you can listen to the cast interview. Listen to Bobs favourite five songs via Spotify and enter our Christmas Competition. We also have included a transcript for you to read of the podcast to allow everyone to take part in our content. Look out for our second part to the interview next week!

About The Play:

An award-winning play, set in the present in the small office of a joiner's workshop in the Scottish Highlands. Dougie and Jessie's business is going under until one day they receive a mysteries phone call from the Government. Scared that it is the inland revenue when Mr Cooper appears he questions the couple to sign the secrecy act to work in secrecy on building a nuclear submarine made completely out of MDF to save the government millions of pounds without the public knowing.

You can purchase the play today for as little as £1.99




The Podcast: