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Wolves by Jane Bury

In Partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands Meet our first finalist Jane Bury who wrote 'Wolves'. A wolf’s howl signals that things have changed in the Scottish Highlands. 10 years post-pandemic a widow and her daughter enjoy the safety and normality of their small family farm. Safe. It has always been that way, but beyond rural serenity, the world is in flux and what was once safe becomes a beacon for danger.

Jane said ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from being part of the Grey Hill UHI scriptwriting competition. I hope this short play entertains you, perhaps on your commute to work, perhaps as you feed the sheep or write an essay for uni. Wherever you find yourself I hope that playing with the concepts of rural and urban in your mind will distract and entertain you, for a little while, from our slow trudge out of lockdown towards a new normal.'

Performed by Inverness College UHI students Lucy Hogarth, Lucy Allcock and Kelvin Taylor.

Listen, Watch and Vote for Jane to Win the competition!