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Rebeca´s voice brings a bright clean and fresh sound with a hint of humour to her tone and a cheek, perfect for the younger, modern brands, and her friendly, charismatic quality, makes her the ideal choice for a wide range of other content such as radio, documentaries, instructive or educational work, switching to animation, games or commercials. Her acting career makes her an accomplished narrator because her delivery and performance bring scripts to life as she is reading through images and imagination.

Rebeca’s strengths lie in her versatility, being able to switch from young voices to elderly voices, from human voice to monster voices in the blink of an eye. Her range allows her to bring characters from reality to 3D reality, from our spacer to outer space, from humans to animals, from animate to inanimate beings.

Her Spanish roots give her a fiery, passionate and mysterious quality.

Her acting career began at just 16 years old and since then she has worked consistently in media, theatre, dubbing as well as a public speaker and a teacher, and her versatility in the studio allows her to bring any character to life. She enters the studio with enthusiasm and passion.


Welcoming and friendly

Sparkling, Energetic and playful

Craziness, Cryptic, Obscure, Dark

Enigmatic, mystical, curious, secretive

Inquiring, Intrusive, analytical

Firm, bright, convincing and confident

Reassuring Trustworthy

Hopeful, Spiritual and Calm

Relaxed and Youthful sound

Sultry voice

This is my professional spotlight link where to find all my experience, pictures, showreel, voice reel, and song reel or for more information and hear all my voice material visit my website where it says VOICE or for just watching my SHOWREEL 2020, you can open this link:


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