Script Writing Competition

New writing is at the heart of what we do at the Grey Hill.  We want to support and create new plays that audiences will enjoy.  We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the University of the Highlands and Islands and our first Scriptwriting competition. 


Over the last six months, we have compiled all of our submissions into our final five.  That will allow you to watch or listen to the productions and vote on your favourite production.  The public vote will determine the winner of the competition whom the Grey Hill will publish. Listen to the performances via our Podcast.

Our Playwright Finalists:


Gracie Shearer.  Emily Newbold.  Issey Thompson.  Jane Bury and Sarah Hauck.

Performed by:

Talisha Leonce, Lucy Hogarth, Lauren Allcock, Lucy Black, Jill Connor and Kelvin Taylor.

The competition goes live from the 3rd of May, and the vote closes on the 17th.  With the Winner announced on the 24th.  All votes are registered via email, with audiences allowed to vote once per email.

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The link above will take you to our Microsoft Forms page to cast your vote.  The competition goes live from the 3rd of May, and the vote closes on the 17th.  With the Winner announced on the 24th.  All votes are registered via email, with audiences allowed to vote once per email.

We are the only Love Gods

By Gracie Shearer

‘We are the only Love Gods’.  Is a story that follows two young people as they navigate the confines of romantic love insecurity and miscommunication.  Slowly it becomes clear that love is a much more complicated entity than either of them imagined. Gracie said ‘I hope that this competition serves as proof that the global pandemic has not put a stop to creativity from our young people. Writers and actors alike have worked hard in very unnatural conditions to bring this work to the wider public and I hope that it makes them laugh, or cry, or feel slightly less alone.

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Waiting for Duggo

By Issy Thompson

Becky has not long been living in her flat and has not had much time to get to know her neighbours. One night she is out the back waiting for her new dog to do its business when she runs into her neighbour Sam. Their conversation takes a Beckettian turn when talking shite turns serious: the near-strangers get into some heavy topics, in amongst plenty of bad toilet puns to keep things light. Issey said ‘This competition has given me an opportunity to test the waters as I hadn't given much thought to writing plays before - I'd been focusing on poetry. I have realised that besides this opportunity to showcase my work, I have been given a platform to vocalise important issues to me. Throughout the process, I have discovered that there is something totally different from writing a short story or a poem to the process of writing a script and handing it over to the actors for them to animate. The characters that you sketch out are made complete by the voice actors. I really enjoyed the collaborative aspect: letting someone else voice my words. I hope people can find something they identify within this play - in whatever sense - and enjoy the company of two new voices nattering at you down the earbuds!

Memento Mori

By Emily Newbold (D Dwyer)

Set in Buffalo 1885. What does a dislocated elbow, a fainting assistant and a trusty camera have in common? The answer is Henrietta Pemberton, a determined woman in a male preserve.  Emily Said ‘The competition has been a really great opportunity for new writers, such as myself, as it has allowed us to showcase our work to industry professionals and a wider public audience. Personally, this is the first writing competition I have entered and the process and feedback on my writing has provided an amazing experience. It has really helped to boost my confidence in sharing my writing and trusting in it. I never thought I would reach the final, but I’m so happy (and stunned!) that I did, and I look forward to the outcome of the competition and what comes next!

I hope the public enjoy my writing as they learn about an unusual and extraordinary practice by photographers in the past. The humour in the piece is meant to show the practice in a light-spirited way, to help deal with what is a sad situation.”

Sarah Hauck.jpg

Starr Crossed

By Sarah Hauk

Catriona has never been in a play; she doesn't like reading Shakespeare outside of English class and she certainly never thought she would end up playing Juliet opposite Jeb' Romeo. Jeb has always loved theatre and is determined to give the performance of his life to be able to turn his passion into his work. The upcoming performance of Romeo and Juliet will have them both question what they want their future to look like and what is important in life.  Sarah said ‘Without the Script Writing Competition, I probably never would have gotten into writing any play (least of all in the finals) so I am incredibly thankful that not only I get to have people read it but to get the chance to work together with actors to bring it to life. This competition has shown me how beautiful writing can be and the possibility to be able to be called a published playwright will most definitely inspire me to keep writing! Through this play, I hope I can show the world that theatre is not only about showing emotions on stage, but also off stage. Acting is an incredibly demanding art because it requires bravery and sacrifice to get to the top and I want readers to understand the beauty of theatre and the performing arts.


By Jane Bury

A wolf’s howl signals that things have changed in the Scottish Highlands. 10 years post-pandemic a widow and her daughter enjoy the safety and normality of their small family farm. Safe. It has always been that way, but beyond rural serenity, the world is in flux and what was once safe becomes a beacon for danger.  Jane said ‘I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned so much from being part of the Grey Hill UHI script writing competition. I hope this short play entertains you, perhaps on your commute to work, perhaps as you feed the sheep or write an essay for uni. Wherever you find yourself I hope that playing with the concepts of rural and urban in your mind will distract and entertain you, for a little while, from our slow trudge out of lockdown towards a new normal.


From Left to Right 

Talisha Leonce, Lucy Black, Lucy Hogarth, Lauren Allcock, Kelvin Taylor and Jill Connor.