Based on a true story of Bessie Dunlop of Lynn was an Ayrshire farmers wife who was 'burned at the stake' for a crime of sorcery in 1576.  The Witch of Dalry written by John Hodgart is a play that tells of Bessie's story leading up to and the trial.
The script is available to read for free via the Association for Scottish Literature and you can watch the playwrights youtube video regarding Bessie Dunlop here.
About The Play:
The play was written in 1977 for the original production that took place in Garnock Academy, Kilbirine, Ayrshire.  This updated version was published in 2021 by ASLS with support from the Scottish Government.  The audiobook is supported by Garnock Connections and North Ayrshire Council that will see the audiobook completed and a history trail created where you can listen to parts of the play at locations in Dalry, North Ayrshire that highlights the areas of the town within the story.
About the podcast
Stories from the Grey Hill is supporting 14 Scottish Playwrights by creating their (1 hour or less) short plays as audio dramas the podcast will be released weekly.  In total we are looking for 13 Actors: 7 Male and 3 Female.  Applicants must have a Scottish Accent and be able to record from home.  Each actor will play multiple characters in the short plays though their natural accent will be showcased.

There are no age range for the roles and anyone with a Scottish accent can apply

Characters & Roles

Actor 1-6 (Male)
Various Roles
Audition Material

Actor 7 (Male)
Various Roles
Audition Material

Actor 8-9 (Female)
Various Roles
Audition Material

Actor 10 (Female)
Various Roles
Audition Material

The fee for the above roles is a Living wage of £9.90 with a minimum 8-hour contract (£79.20 Total)
The fee for this production differs depending on how many characters are required in each play and includes Recording time + Rehearsals
The finished material will be used for a podcast
* calculated at approx 1-hour Rehearsal + 1-hour Recording Time
Fee Breakdown:
Actor 1 - £118.80
Actor 2 - £118.80
Actor 3 - £79.20
Actor 4 - £79.20
Actor 5 - £99.00
Actor 6 - £79.20
Actor 7 - £99.00
Actor 8 - £178.20
Actor 9 - £118.20
Actor 10 - £138.60

Casting Information:
All actors must have an authentic Scottish Accent.
Actor 7 should be able to do a Glasgow or Lowland Scots accent with an Asian inflexion
Actor 10 should be able to do a child's voice.

An online Reading will be recorded with a link sent back to the cast and playwright.  The playwright will attend the rehearsal and provide feedback to the cast.

Audition Process:
Please find above the audition material (2mins length) please record and follow the submission and diversity monitoring segments below.
  • You will receive an email to confirm that we have your audition submission after the closing date.

  • You will receive confirmation via email if you are in the finals

  • You will receive an email to confirm if you have / haven't not been successful


If selected in the finals you may ask for feedback on your audition.

Via our communications we will let everyone know how we cast the role that was advertised.

Once the roles have been cast we will publish or diversity monitoring for each production via our organsiations blog.

Enquiry:  Just hit the chat button on our web page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Working Together

Casting Policy

The Grey Hill seeks to employ the very best talent for the roles that we advertise.  We are committed to supporting the artists that we work with and engaging a diverse and inclusive cast that promotes the producing values that we want to share with our audiences.  Our ambition is to achieve greater diversity in gender, race, disability, gender, sexuality, social-economic background, faith, and age.


We believe in including artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Where a role is culturally specific, we are committed to first casting a performer from that culture.  We consider artists from diverse backgrounds for every role, not just the specific personal characteristics in mind.  We will cast without prejudice against the background and path followed into the industry.​  The Grey Hill will ask you to complete an anonymous diversity monitoring form to monitor our progress.


All auditions will be advertised to our members via our website, Creative Scotland Opportunities, Mandy.com and via Social Media channels.  As we are Scottish based, we email Scottish Stage and Television agents with links to this page.

Introductory Meetings

We hold regular general meetings with artists; these are available on request where we are both available to meet.  We hold regular general group meetings online to introduce our company to you.  If you wish to arrange a general meeting, please contact us via the chat button.


Our preferred method is via our chat icon on our website; please include a CV or Spotlight Link.




Please read the above information before submitting.

Select the character you wish to audition for by downloading the audition material and recording it for us to listen to before 30th May 2022.


Please fill out the submission form, including a link for us to download/listen to your audition file.​ 



  • When recording please SAVE the file in the following format - YOUR NAME  Stories PodcastAudition (MP3 FILE)

  • During the recording - Start with your name, representation, telephone number and begin your audition

  • Then Submit via the submission form including the diversity monitoring application