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This year The Grey Hill will focus on three key themes to support the wider theatre sector.  Transition 2022 will have three key aims for the year, these are:

  • Supporting Theatre Venues

  • Supporting New Writing and

  • Producing a live theatre production

We believe that theatre needs to innovate to invite new audiences, re-engage with existing audiences, and further support our creative sector.  Transition 2022 will showcase our organisation as a leading force of how we create theatre differently, expanding opportunities that support our creative sector that build our reputation whilst growing our relationships and community.

Supporting New 


2022 is the Year of Scotland's Stories; this year, working with playwrights across Scotland, we will launch a new weekly podcast called 'Stories from The Grey Hill'.  Each week a new 15-minute episode will feature a new piece of writing brought to you in partnership with University Highlands and Islands, who will partner with The Grey Hill on their work experience placement.  Each podcast's first episode will be free to listen to, with the following episodes available via our subscription.  Our goal is for our podcast to be self-funded to allow the podcast legacy to continue after 2022 to continue supporting new talent.

Playwrights who wish to participate can contact us via the chat icon for further information.

Supported by


Supported by the Scottish Government Creative Digital Initiative via National Lottery Funding from Creative Scotland, we will be supporting theatres to create and sell online theatre productions that will enable them to generate an online income from theatre related content.  This support will be free to all venues taking part. 

Our platform puts theatres at the heart of what we do.  Our platform enables audiences to support their local theatre whilst having access to excellent theatre content from shows they love.

Theatre venues that wish to find out more about Transition 2022 can contact us via the chat icon for further information on the programme.

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Theatre Venues

The Grey Hill has been chosen as one of the projects to receive funding through the Resident Entrepreneurs strand of the Creative informatics Programme.

In our project, we will commission a new live theatre production that will respond to the following challenges:

  • Developing access to and engagement to new audiences/markets.

  • Unlocking the value of archives and data sets.

  • Reveal and develop new business models.

This project will bring together our passion for creating live theatre and how audiences interact with content.


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Theatre Production

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