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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Grey Hill?

Founded in 2020 by Barry Robertson The Grey Hill is a multimedia theatre company. We specialise in creating digital dramatisations of theatre plays. Our company was based on the question; What does theatre look like without a building? - Our work is an answer to that question.

We support playwrights by publishing their plays electronically and physical copies—licence performance rights. Produce audiobooks of the work and produce live theatre shows.

How much does The Grey Hill cost?

We create audiobooks, and our productions vary on price depending on platform and promotions. We also have our podcasts that are free to listen to and have an exclusive free membership that you can join—providing you with behind the scenes access, blogs, interviews and content that isn’t available to non members.

Where can I listen?

Listen anywhere, anytime; our content is available on multiple stores that you can subscribe, purchase, stream or download from. Our content is accessible on Android and Apple devices. From mobiles, tablets, smart speakers, we have you covered.

What can I listen to from The Grey Hill?

Theatre dramatisations are our speciality, based in Scotland; we work with a varied amount of playwrights across the United Kingdom and beyond to showcase new writing. Already produced theatre productions and The Grey Hill Originals that are short plays hand-picked that we think you will enjoy. If you are a lover of theatre then our flagship podcast Barry Robertson’s Insights gives you behind the scenes access to theatre, exclusive artist interviews and debates current news from the sector.