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An award-winning play, set in the present in the small office of a joiner's workshop in the Scottish Highlands. Dougie and Jessie's business is going under until one day they receive a mysteries phone call from the Government.  Scared that it is the inland revenue when Mr Cooper appears he questions the couple to sign the secrecy act to work in secrecy on building a nuclear submarine made completely out of MDF to save the government millions of pounds without the public knowing. 



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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Bob Davidson started writing in 2005 and has written twenty-one act plays to date. All bar a couple have been performed by amateur clubs all over Scotland. Two of the plays have won best original script in the Scott Salver competition run by the Scottish Community Drama Association. Three have been runners up in the same competition.

He has acted, directed, produced. Made sets and set up sound and lights for numerous productions all in the glorious world of amdram. He has also written and performed a one-person musical hour-long history of Scotland.


He is currently part of the Perth Plays Playwriting Group run by Playwrights Studio Scotland.


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John Scougall - DOUGIE

Lucy Goldie - JESSIE

Barry Robertson - COOPER


Directed by Barry Robertson

Edited by Barry Robertson

Engineered by Stevie Bull

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Is a suspenseful thriller focusing on Fiona who is hiding in a rented room in Cornwall after running away from the events that took place six weeks ago.  Now that the government has found her and is in questioning will we find out what caused the mysterious death of her husband, son and sister in law? Why did she run?  Who is to blame? 

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