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UNTIL THE SKY Cover v1b NB.jpg

Until The Sky Runs Out Of Rain By Neil Bebber

Bert and Elsie are in the kitchen the wind howls and the rain starts to hammer it down.

Casting Policy
Working Together

Casting Policy

The Grey Hill seeks to employ the very best talent for the roles that we advertise.  We are committed to supporting the artists that we work with and engaging a diverse and inclusive cast that promotes the producing values that we want to share with our audiences.  Our ambition is to achieve greater diversity in gender, race, disability, gender, sexuality, social-economic background, faith, and age.


We believe in including artists from diverse backgrounds and cultures.  Where a role is culturally specific, we are committed to first casting a performer from that culture.  We consider artists from diverse backgrounds for every role, not just the specific personal characteristics in mind.  We will cast without prejudice against the background and path followed into the industry.​  The Grey Hill will ask you to complete an anonymous diversity monitoring form to monitor our progress.


All auditions will be advertised to our members via our website, Creative Scotland Opportunities, and via Social Media channels.  As we are Scottish based, we email Scottish Stage and Television agents with links to this page.

Introductory Meetings

We hold regular general meetings with artists; these are available on request where we are both available to meet.  We hold regular general group meetings online to introduce our company to you.  If you wish to arrange a general meeting, please contact us via the chat button.


Our preferred method is via our chat icon on our website; please include a CV or Spotlight Link.

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