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Liam Alexandru has always had a passion for telling stories. However, he’s found in recent years that telling a story is easy, but feeling a story is entirely different.

Inspired by the works of Rod Serling, Charlie Brooker, Shane Meadows and Shakespeare, to name a few, Liam strives to create new, exciting and thought-provoking pieces.

Since graduating from the Swan Theatre School in 2014, Liam has written several award-winning plays, screenplays and other pieces. He has spent over a decade honing his skills, travelling the world and experiencing countless adventures while meeting inspiring people and listening to their stories.

Liam is co-director of Shipwreck Productions, an award-winning production company focused on producing high-quality theatre, film, and everything in between.

Previous worldly experiences include touring theatre across Spain, Portugal and Germany, working for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and the Shakespeare for Schools Foundation (everything except The Globe), playing ukulele atop an active volcano, and having an Australian Christmas… in June.

Follow Liam Alexandru:
Instagram and Twitter: @liam_alexandru

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Late Night Fish

 ‘Michael and Tony are in the “Waste Management Business”. They’ve been asked to dispose of a large “package” in a nearby lake with no questions asked.

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