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Mike Tibbetts

Mike Tibbetts has written full-length plays and even the book for a musical but is best known in Scotland as the author of one-act plays for performance in festival competitions.  Productions of his plays in the Scottish Community Drama Association’s annual festival have achieved success for several clubs with Kirkintilloch Players’ 1997 production of his play “The Dancing Fusilier” representing Scotland and winning the overall British Final.

Mike’s first award for playwriting was in 1980 when his New Yorker comedy *Funny, You Don’t Laugh Jewish” won the British Theatre Association’s George Taylor Memorial Award.  Since then Mike has won the SCDA’s Scott Salver five times, the UK-wide Geoffrey Whitworth Trophy three times and in 2015 his play “MOT” won the SCDA’s Play On Words new writing competition.

Mike lives near Glasgow, is married to Pam with two grown-up and married children, Kirsty and Jamie, who inspired his 1998 Scott Salver winner “LittleBro Morning and BigSis Afternoon” which is available in both English and Dutch translations and has been performed in quite a few countries around the world.

The Grey Hill

Production of

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The Grey Hill Original

Mrs G is an award winning play.  Mrs G is a cleaner who meets The Man after his window is broken.  With glass on the floor, Mrs G helps him to clean up.  During their time together the conversation changes as Mrs G enquires about the mans past as a teacher and his living conditions when the two get into a debate over who was the victim of his relationship when he was a school teacher to a fourteen year old girl.  But who really is the victim in the play?  Mrs G or The Man?