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The World's First Audio Production of John Homes 'Douglas'.


By: John Home

1h 58 mins

Drama & Plays

Historical Plays

Mourning the death of her brother Lady Randolph discloses to her maid that she was married to the son of her father's enemy. She was not able to acknowledge the marriage or the son that she bore. She sent her maid away with her son to the maid's sister's house. They were lost in a storm and never heard from again.

Her son, Douglas, is left outside shortly after birth to die of exposure. However, he is saved by a shepherd, Old Norval and gains him his name Young Norval and he is briefly reunited with her.  Sir Malcolm exposes the child, but Young Norval is given a commission in the army.

When he saves the life of Lord Randolph, the lord becomes indebted to him, and Young Norval gains the envy of Glenalvon, who is the lord's heir.  Douglas kills Glenalvon for spreading lies about him, and Douglas is killed by Lord Randolph after he was deceived by Glenalvon.  After hearing of her son's death, Lady Randolph takes her own life.

Douglas Instagram-02.jpg

Directed and Produced by Barry Robertson 

John Scougall as Norval / Old Norval

Zoe Hunter as Lady Randolph / Servant

Michael Moreland - Lord Randolph

Mathew Wade - Glenalvon / Officer

Stephanie Payne - Anne

Recording Engineer: Lewis Bonnar

Design Artist: David Gilchrist

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