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'From The Comfort of your own home to an interactive play where you decide what path the show takes'.
 B Robertson - Founder, The Grey Hill

In The Pursuit Of Happiness

By: Neil Bebber

x hr and xx mins

Drama & Plays

Interactive Alexa App

Family Life


Jake and Emily lived together in perfect harmony. Or so Jake thought until Emily decided perfect harmony meant being alone. Suddenly single and soon to be homeless, Jake is now in search of a place to stay. But he's not ready to live by himself just yet, so he's about to meet three different landladies, who happen to be looking for a lodger: Helen, Sandra and Candice. 


Which one should he choose in the pursuit of happiness? You decide! 

In this first interactive theatre play, you can choose what landlady he should live with and how our story unfolds!  Download the free demo today and follow on by purchasing the paid app to continue the story.

Coming Soon Exclusively on Amazon Alexa

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Podcast - coming soon

Directed by: Barry Robertson 

James Beaumont as Jake / Claude

Meredith Lewis as Emily / Helen

Zoe Hunter as Sandra

Julie Barclay as Candice

David Maybrick as Dave

Recording Engineer: Lewis Bonnar

Design Artist: Regina Jedrzejek

Image by Mark Farías

Try Alexa Demo

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar


Alexa App

Image by Mark Farías

Try Alexa Demo

We have 100 access codes for our Friends of The Grey Hill to test out our app and provide us with user feedback before we launch and as a thank you.  We will be offering a competition to win a £50 Amazon voucher to those that leave an honest review of the app in the app store.

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