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In The Pursuit Of Happiness

In The Pursuit
Of Happiness

By: Neil Bebber

Drama & Plays

Interactive Alexa App

Family Life


Jake and Emily had been living together in what Jake believed was perfect harmony. However, Emily had a different idea of what perfect harmony meant, and it led to her decision to end the relationship. Now, Jake finds himself suddenly single and on the verge of homelessness. He is in search of a new place to live but is not yet ready to live alone. Luckily, he meets three prospective landladies: Helen, Sandra, and Candice, who are all looking for a lodger.

It's up to you to decide which landlady Jake should choose in his pursuit of happiness! This interactive theatre play allows you to influence the story's direction by selecting the landlady he should live with. Download the free demo today and continue the story by purchasing the paid app.

This app is exclusively available on Amazon, with a discount for Prime members.

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Podcast - coming soon

Directed by: Barry Robertson 

James Beaumont as Jake / Claude

Meredith Lewis as Emily / Helen

Zoe Hunter as Sandra

Julie Barclay as Candice

David Maybrick as Dave

Recording Engineer: Lewis Bonnar

Design Artist: Regina Jedrzejek

'From The Comfort of your own home to an interactive play where you decide what path the show takes'.
 B Robertson - Founder, The Grey Hill

Image by Mark Farías

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