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King of Scotland

'You will won't know who's side you are on and will continue to debate internally for hours.'
- Ubephoebe, Audible Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Mrs G

By: Mike Tibbetts

34 mins

Drama & Plays

Literature & Fiction

A half-brick crashes through his window.  Not at all surprised, the man resignedly attempts to clear up the broken glass, succeeding only in cutting his hand in the process.  A knock at his door is unwelcome but persistent so he opens it to admit the bustling Mrs G. who announces herself as the local cleaning lady.  She saw the brick-throwing incident and wants to know if the man is injured.  Mrs G. sets about clearing up the man’s flat and does her best to clear up his life, too.  Tidying the flat is one thing but bringing her idea of order to the man’s situation and thinking proves far more difficult, despite her best efforts.  In the end, for what she sees as the good of all concerned, she applies the final cleaning solution to the situation.  After all, if you don’t deal with it effectively, dirt spreads.

Mrs G Instagram-02.jpg

Directed by: Barry Robertson 

Sarah Rose Graber as Mrs G

Brent Whitted as The Man

Recording Engineer: Stevie Bull

Design Artist: David Gilchrist

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