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Our First live audio-recorded theatre production

Until The Sky Runs Out Of Rain

By: Neil Bebber

37 mins

Drama & Plays

Perth and Kinross


Performed and Recorded at The Gaiety Theatre in Ayr on the 15th of September 2023.

Following warnings of an imminent catastrophic flood, everyone has been evacuated except for Elsie and Bert, who stubbornly decided to stay put. As the wind howls and the increasingly heavy rain batters the windows outside, they sit on their bed enjoying their “picnic at the end of the world”, made from the entire contents of their freezer. Reminiscing about happier times in their candlelit sanctuary, they’re oblivious to the rapidly rising water levels downstairs. The next morning, woken by the sun shining through a gap in the curtains, Bert goes to the window to survey the damage. He throws open the curtains, then stands in stunned silence, naked and swaying, as he tries to comprehend the view that greets him.

UNTIL THE SKY Cover v1b NB.jpg
Podcast - coming soon

Directed by: Neil Cargill

Linda Lyon as Elsie

Ian Lorimer Milne as Bert

Barry Robertson as Hugh

Recording Engineer: Lewis Bonnar

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