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Company Values

Company Values



Our goal is to develop an engaging theatre experience that fosters industry growth and inspires the sharing of ideas, all while generating revenue.



At our core, we strive for growth that benefits everyone involved. We achieve this by working together with a diverse group of creatives to reach a wider audience and promote sustainable practices for the long-term.


We aim to support freelance artists, theatre venues, and audiences, creating a diverse and inclusive theatre that represents everyone. Our goal is to become a force for good in the world of theatre.


We aim to build strong relationships with everyone involved, based on openness and mutual benefits.


We believe in the importance of theatre as the heart of every community. Our goal is to create an inclusive and diverse community where everyone can participate in the arts, making theatre accessible for all.

Enviromental Policy

Scotland’s climate change legislation sets a target date for net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045. To play our part in achieving this, we champion green planning for the projects we produce and manage and the audience or participants' journey to experience our work, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint across all activities.  

We are equally committed to telling the story of climate change and undertaking projects that address environmental issues and empower others. Partnerships are essential to us, and we work with individuals and organisations who are clear in their vision of a just transition to a net-zero emissions world operating under a green economy. 

We also undertake business continuity planning for the impacts of climate change on our organisation and the broader sectors we work with.

Here are a few things we already do:  

  • We monitor and evaluate all staff journeys and encourage public transport where possible. We encourage all those we work with to do the same.

  • Where possible, we work with suppliers with a robust environmental policy.

  • Any new equipment the company purchases is as energy-efficient as possible.

  • We invest in digital and online methods of communication. If we do produce print, we use local printers and sustainable paper. Printed materials include an encouragement to recycle.

  • Where possible, all old equipment and sets are repaired, reused, stored or recycled.

  • Encourage shared resources and knowledge across all areas.

  • Support attitudinal change.

  • We encourage all creative team members to source materials they use locally.

  • Do less, do it better and take time.

  • Consider well-being a benchmark of success, not growth.

  • Look at budgets differently and consider social and environmental costs, not just financial ones.

  • Make sustainable choices the norm. 

  • Our Domain is with Krystal - A 100% renewable electricity Hosting Provider.

  • Our Website produces 0.36g of CO2 every time someone visits our page, according to

  • We bank with Starling - Ethics Statement.

  • Our IT is with Microsoft - Cooperate Social Responsibility.

  • Our Search Engine Provider is Ecosia - Planting Trees for every search we make.

  • We are part of the Green Arts Initiative – an interactive community of Scottish arts organisations working to reduce their environmental impact.

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