We are a boutique organisation creating audio content for audiences.  As a small start-up (2020 launch) we are open and upfront on what we can offer in terms of supporting all that we work with to allow you the opportunity to decide if you wish to collaborate with us.

All opportunities are available our Casting page advertising all actors that we are looking for and our below via our submissions allowing Playwrights, Actors and Sound Engineers to take part and work with us.



Playwrights are our backbone to content that we want to deliver.  Your work and commitment to your art is our focus, and as a start-up, we will offer you a service package to support you, this includes:

Licence or Buy-Out of your written work.

Marketing Promotion of your work, including online and traditional media.

We are interested in new writing, One-Act plays, and due to the pandemic small 1-4 character plays are of high interest, as these will be recorded from home.

We are based in Scotland and will work with anyone within the United Kingdom with an outstanding story that they want the pitch to us.

Contact us via the Take Part section please fill the contact form and include links to the writing for us to consider.



Without the talent of actors to bring our characters to life, then there would be no audio dramatisation.  Our service package to support you includes:

Profit Share or Buy-Out of your audio work.

Marketing Promotion, including online and traditional media.

Due to the pandemic, we are only interested in actors who have a home studio set up.  Someone who can record from home using a home microphone and can complete work on time. 

All age break downs are general characteristics of the sound that we are looking for; please do not be put off if you don’t fit the age bracket, it is there to help you understand the character more to support the vocal ability.

Actors can get in touch in the first instance via our casting page.  If using the take part section we will keep your details on file to get in touch with you for future projects.

We always post opportunities via our social networks so do follow us.



More content requires a team of sound engineers and designers who can assist in the final product.  Our service package to support you includes:

Profit Share or Buy-Out of your services

Credits within the work in online and traditional media

Due to the pandemic, we are interested in engineers who can assist remotely in supporting our work - Perfect for freelance engineers, new graduates and those with the capacity to support our work.

Please use the Take Part section to get in contact with us, and we will be in touch with you regarding your availability and work that we have on offer.


The Grey Hill provides internships via our partnership with the University of Highlands and Islands.  We also are a member of Udrafter that allows interns to build up experience within their chosen career whilst at the same time get paid for it.  All vacancies are promoted via the Udrafter website.


Current Opportunities


Voiceover Actors 

Check out what opportunities are available to voiceover actors who wish to work with us.

Student Internship

Graphic Designer

The Grey Hill has a student vacancy available for a Graphic Designer to work with us to design a book cover.  6 hrs @ £11.30 or hr.  Application closes on the 16/5/21

Take Part

Introduce Yourself

Are you an Actor, Playwright or Sound Engineer?  We are continually looking to collaborate and work with creatives.  fill out our online form and we will be in touch.  Alternatively say hello via the chat button,


2022 our third season!

The Grey Hill is looking for new and existing plays, comedy, stand up and musical theatre productions for its 2022 season.  If you would like to submit to the company get in touch today!