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Bring Theatre to the World Stage

Showcase your theatrical production to drama enthusiasts worldwide.  Our platform is your direct link to theatre venues and their audiences who love drama.

Why                    ?          

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As the premier marketplace for theatre enthusiasts and creators, Grey Hill Audio Theatre brings the magic of performance to your fingertips. We connect you with our network of retail stores and theatre partners, amplifying your reach and enhancing your theatrical experience.

Connect with Your Audience

Tap into our vast network of theatre lovers. Whether you're a creator looking to share your work or an enthusiast seeking your next auditory adventure, Grey Hill is your stage.

Embrase the Ecosystem

Immerse yourself in our comprehensive theatre network. From our curated retail stores to our partnerships with renowned theatres, we offer a full spectrum of dramatic entertainment.

Maximise the Theatrical Experience

At Grey Hill, we're committed to making theatre accessible and rewarding for everyone.  For Audiences, Creators and Theatre Partners

Where audio artistry meets theatrical brilliance


Showcase your script and connect with talented actors and creatives who will bring your words to life as an audio drama. Then, sell the ebook version of your play directly to readers and theatre enthusiasts.

Studios & Theatre Companies

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Reach wider audiences by transforming your production into immersive audio dramas, tap into our theatre venue network and our custom-built analytical service supporting your engagement opportunities.

Agents & Publishers

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Explore opportunities to transform theatrical experiences into audio content and vice versa.  The Grey Hill provides the tools and network to amplify your catalogue's reach in both the audio and theatre realms


Join the dynamic world of theatre creators using                 to tell captivating stories

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Theatre Venues

Renowned theatres creating exclusive content and reaching new audiences digitally

Leading Theatre Publishers

Extending reach and exposure through our network of engaged audiences and theatre professionals

Expanding Horizons

Reaching wider audiences, supporting creatives, promoting digital theatre content, accessible to all


Meet Sarah C Meikle

                           has been at the forefront of creating audio and theatre content by collaborating with playwrights, actors, and publishers to produce engaging stories. We distribute our work through industry partnerships to make audio theatre content accessible to audiences. We enjoy sharing stories about the remarkable people we work with, such as actress Sarah C. Meikle.

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Bringing the Community Together to Share a True Story

Audio can bring stories to life, uniting people and the community. But how does this work in real life? Playwright John Hodgart collaborated with                            to produce the audio theatre production Bessie Dunlop the Witch o Dalry. This involved working with a cast of forty community members and resulted in a top-10 audio drama in the UK. We talk to John about the production, the music, and the characters, which tell the true story of Bessie Dunlop from Dalry in Scottish history.

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Take Centre Stage

Join the growing number of creatives, theatres, production companies, and publishers bringing their content to our wider theatre audience. Bring your theatrical visions to life - on stage and in audio.

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